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Parents Partners in Learning 
Session Two

You can preview the courses below, and plan out your day during the conference.

The links to the sessions below will be active during the conference. 

To attend a session, simply use the session links below.

The 4 College Systems (Spanish)

Presenter - GEAR UP- Cal State Long Beach: Ariella Jimenez

Learn about the 4 college systems and the different admission requirements

House of Love: Navigating Family Dynamics (English)

Presenter - Helpline Youth Counseling

We’ll discuss family dynamics pertaining to how positive and healthy engagement can combat and influence the prevention of substance in our youth.

Vaping Se Volvió Viral (Spanish)

Presenter - Helpline Youth Counseling

Los participantes obtendrán una mejor comprensión de la epidemia de vapeo y discutirá las drogas y el cerebro, los neurotransmisores y los hábitos, los ingredientes utilizados en los productos de vapeo, los efectos en la salud del vapeo, el jugo electrónico y los cigarrillos electrónicos.

Preschool Family Literacy (Spanish)

Presenter - NLMUSD Preschool - Maria Salazar-Gallo

Aprenda estrategias y actividades para que su hijo sea un lector de por vida. Libro gratuito para los participantes que asistan.

Wellness and Mental Health (English/Spanish)

Presenter - Blessy Giron

Learn strategies for managing stress, for yourself and your family.

Art and SEL @ Home (K-5) (English)

Presenter - Jennifer Hodge-Benton

Learn how to support Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills through art with your K-5 child

Read Aloud (K-5) (English)

Presenter - Nancy Rhodes

Learn how to make reading with your child even more interactive

SPED - Encouraging Speech/Language Development in Children (English)

Presenters- Karen Kampen and Wendie Wall, NLMUSD Speech and Language Pathologists

Webinar: Encouraging Speech/Language Development in Children.(Sharepoint)

Learn how interaction leads to language development in children.

Universal TK 2022/2023 (English/Spanish)

Presenters - Nancy Gonzalez-Rios

Recorded Webinar:

Computer Science at Home (English)

Presenters - Angelica Gunderson & Shay Fairchild

Learn how you can develop practical computer science skills in the home and nurture your child’s creativity through computational thinking.

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